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How to say happy in french feminine

The French translation for “happy (feminine)” is heureuse. 19 Jan - 29 sec - Uploaded by How to say in French? What is the correct translation of happy feminine to French? How to say happy feminine in. There is not a one-size-fits-all expression in French to translate "be happy". " Sois heureux" (singular masculine) "sois heureuse" (singular feminine).

Answer to How do you say "I am very happy" in French feminine and masculine. Ah, French. The most beautiful language in the world! Everyone has heard that Paris is the city of love and French is the language of romance, but how can you. How to say “Beautiful” in French. In English, the word “beautiful” has distinctly feminine connotations. In French, both men and women can be “beautiful”.

Masculine and feminine are sometimes the same, such as magnifique (very beautiful/wonderful), and sometimes you just have to add an "e" at the end, such as joli/jolie (pretty). If you want to compliment a man or a woman about his/her looks in French, you can say: Nous avons une belle vue. There are lots of other more original ways you can say I Love You in 6- Tu me rends tellement heureuse = You make me so happy, if a. How to Say Happy Birthday in French. Do you have a French friend one is named after. Bonne is the feminine form of the word "bon", meaning "good" or " well. Perfect Your Pronunciation: How to Say "I Love You" in French. English Expressions Same pronunciation for masculine and feminine version. In French, unlike in English, most adjectives come after the noun. Learn more about Adjectives ending in -eux, heureux, heureuse, heureux, heureuses, happy.

This page contains a course in French Feminine and Masculine as well as a list of other lessons in grammar topics and The more you master it the more you get closer to mastering the French language. she is happy, elle est heureuse. For those struggling with French pronunciation and how to say French phrases . What you have to be careful of here is that the French word for 'happy' The feminine gender of a is une phonetically pronounced ewn, for eg une fille a girl. If you open a French dictionary, you will read that “cochonne” is the feminine form of . When i first met up with my french friend i was so happy and tried to say. I know that it's a bit late to be asking this, but how do you say "Happy French. Hello Amanda, "Halloween" seems to be a feminine noun in the.

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