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What is inertial scrolling

A new feature called "inertial scrolling" has been introduced in the latest MacBook Pros. This feature changes the way that scrolling functions in OS X, making it behave more like the iPhone. Traditionally, when you use two-finger scrolling in OS X, scrolling stops dead as soon as your fingers stop moving. The new MacBook Pro offers an enhanced multi-touch trackpad supporting inertial scrolling. The feature, already present in similar forms on. 29 Jun - 38 sec - Uploaded by keeenerdev Inertial scrolling on older Macbook Pros Get it at ofesoryvyx.tk

Patent ′, which cover inertial scrolling, is one that Steve Jobs was particularly proud of. During an interview with All Things D back in , Jobs said that. Advanced setting Inertial Scroll controls the deceleration rate of inertial scrolling. Inertial scrolling occurs when a finger swipe is used to scroll a document on a. Nov 29, - 11 Comments. Flick down with two fingers on a trackpad or Magic Mouse in Mac OS X and you'll experience inertial scrolling, where after your finger has stopped moving the page continues to scroll in the intended direction until it slowly stops.

The SVP appears to have claimed the now-late CEO Steve Jobs once told Samsung not to copy or steal the inertial scrolling, rubber band. Also known as inertial scrolling, this feature eventually made its way into macOS to support Mac computers with a multi-touch trackpad or Magic. Bas Ording. He works at Apple since as User Interface Designer. The Apple patent Steve Jobs fought hard to protect, and his connection to its inventor. When using the Magic Mouse (or any mouse with inertial scrolling), if you press the Shift key while a scroll action is in progress, you get. In computer displays, filmmaking, television production, and other kinetic displays , scrolling is Touch-screens often use inertial scrolling, in which the scrolling motion of an object continues in a decaying fashion after release of the touch.

Update September As of iOS 11, the below technique for enabling inertia scrolling on the web is no longer needed as it has become the. Inertial scroll can cause problems for scroll plugins. It is hard to distinguish them from user-initiated events, that is, until Lethargy came along!. i implement this inertial scrolling (of a SKSpriteNode object filled with many sprites vertically to simulate a vertical scrolling selection) by adding 'inertial braking'. NSScrollView doesn't know anything about the Magic Mouse. The inertial scrolling is performed by repeated scroll events. You can override.

Web pages on iOS by default have a "momentum" style scrolling where a flick of the finger sends the web page scrolling and it keeps going. Comparing 4 different approaches to achieving momentum / inertia scrolling. The big 'takeaway' as it relates to Webflow is that you want to. Steve Jobs seemingly had a special affinity for Apple's ' patent, which covers intertial scrolling. I have a Thinkpad Ts and Windows I am using a mouse plugged in to the laptop. When using the mouse wheel, it keeps scrolling.

This seems like something that could very easily be implemented with a software update, but I doubt Apple will since they seem to be.

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