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What is mean patent leather

Patent leather is a type of coated leather that has a high-gloss finish. The coating process was introduced to the United States and improved by inventor Seth. patent leather definition: 1. a type of leather that has a very smooth, shiny surface: 2. leather with a hard, shiny surface. Learn more. Patent leather definition, a hard, glossy, smooth leather, used especially in shoes and accessories. See more.

Patent leather definition is - a leather with a hard smooth glossy surface. Patent leather definition: Patent leather is leather which has a shiny surface. It is used to make shoes, bags, | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and. Definitions for patent leather ˈpæt nt, ˈpæt n; esp. Brit. ˈpeɪt ntpatent leather. Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word.

Define patent leather. patent leather synonyms, patent leather pronunciation, patent leather translation, English dictionary definition of patent leather. n. Patent leather is leather that has been finished with chemicals that give it a shiny, reflective surface. It is usually black, and has long been popular for dress and. patent leather definition: leather with a hard, glossy, usually black finish: made by a process formerly patented. As the latest leather goods supplier companies suggest, the manufacturing process for both real leather and patent leather are almost the same. The only. Patent leather: is it superior to ordinary leather? Understanding what makes patent leather distinct will give you confidence that you've chosen the best.

Patent leather is used for shoes, caps, clothing, wallets and handbags. sensitive, but their softness and the matte surface mean that damage is less obvious. patent leather is just a defferent process of finish of leather that yeilds a high gloss finish but most patent leather of today has a plastic coating. Patent leather is a type of japanned leather that has been given a high gloss, shiny finish. The process was brought to the United States and improved by. Definition of patent - a government authority or licence conferring a right or title for a set period, as modifier 'he wore black trousers and black patent shoes'.

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