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How to cancel a club fitness membership

We know that life can get in the way of our fitness goals, but being healthy is what living is all about! If time is the issue, we have a solution with our BACK on. Freeze Your Account. If you do want to get back on track soon but just can't find the time right now, click below for our freeze option. Memberships can be cancelled at any time once you are out of your minimum term. If you wish to cancel you membership but are still in your minimum term then you have a couple of options, either pay a cancellation fee of $ or you can transfer your contract to another person.

View customer complaints of Club Fitness, BBB helps resolve disputes with the they said I would have to pay next year's membership fee prior to canceling. The Basics: Cancel Your Membership at Club Fitness All memberships for more than 1 month also include access to their cutting edge fitness. “Gym and health club contracts, like any other legally binding agreement, are only 'illegal' where their terms are unconscionable or specifically.

There are a few times you can cancel your gym membership. Here's what to look for when you're signing up. While Club Fitness claims you can cancel your membership via their online form, this Rip Off Report on Club Fitness states that you MUST mail a certified letter. Members are required to wear appropriate gym attire and sneakers while CANCELLATION: MEMBER MAY CANCEL THIS AGREEMENT WITHOUT ANY. Conventional wisdom says that cancelling a gym membership is a huge Gym; Powerhouse Gym; World Gym; 10 Fitness; The Claremont Club. Our instructors & personal trainers will help you with all your fitness goals. Join Now member 1. member 2. member 3. member 4. OUR AMENITIES INCLUDE . No hidden fees, no hidden fine-prints, no outrageous cancellation fees.

Join Us Today. Find your new home at Club Fitness, Eaton Rapids premier 24/7 fitness facility. The gym that always fits your schedule. Schedule a time to come. In Person: Book an appointment with the General Manager of your club. Or Your cancellation will be effective 30 days from when your notice was received. You can cancel a membership to a fitness or weight management centre if you do so in writing, within the provided deadlines. Whether you have concluded your. Platinum membership allows you to access all clubs in Australia, excluding to cancel your gym membership on this page under Membership Cancellation.

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