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What does incunabulum meanings

Definition of incunabulum. 1: a book printed before 2: a work of art or of industry of an early period. Incunabulum definition, extant copies of books produced in the earliest stages ( before ) of printing from movable type. See more. noun. An early printed book, especially one printed before 'The metaphorical designation incunabulum means that it concerns printing elements, one sees which lying still in its cradle or in the diapers.'.

This word — meaning a book published before the beginning of the sixteenth century — is better known in its plural form incunabula. Though. What is an incunabulum?, incunabula, definition, meaning, pictures incunabula, first incunabulum, Gutenberg Bible, illustrated incunabula, post-incunabula. Incunabulum definition: → incunabula | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. Definition of incunabulum from the Collins English Dictionary.

Define incunabulum. incunabulum synonyms, incunabulum pronunciation, incunabulum translation, English dictionary definition of incunabulum. n. pl. An incunable, or sometimes incunabulum is a book, pamphlet, or broadside printed in Europe Bernhard von Mallinckrodt (–) considered to be the inventor of this meaning of incunabula; the identical passage is found in his Latin . From Latin incūnābulum (“cradle, origin”). incunabulum (plural incunabula) This word is better known, and more widely used, in its plural form, incunabula. 23 Apr - 22 sec - Uploaded by SDictionary Video shows what incunabulum means. A book, single sheet, or image that was printed — not. Incunabula, singular incunabulum, books printed during the earliest period of arbitrary, since no special development in the printing art can be connected with it. on the means by which printing technology was adopted throughout Europe.

Incunabulum \In`cu*nab"u*lum\, n.; pl. Incunabula. [L. incunabula cradle, birthplace, origin. See 1st In-, and Cunabula.] A work of art or of human industry, of an. Send Us Feedback! Need Support? Terms · Privacy · Random word · Advanced Search. Wordnik is a (c)(3) non-profit organization, EIN # Incunabula is the plural of the Latin word incunabulum, a cradle. Evolving from its original meaning, incunabulum came to mean "place of birth" or "beginning. Definition of incunable in the ofesoryvyx.tk dictionary. Meaning of incunable. A very early printed book, specifically one printed before ; an incunabulum.

incunabulum - Meaning in Bengali, what is meaning of common in Bengali dictionary, audio pronunciation, synonyms and definitions of common in Bengali and. Meaning: "cradle, birthplace; rudiments or beginnings" (see incunabula); taken up (originally in German) as a word for any book See more definitions. Here are fantastic examples of sentences and phrases with the word " incunabulum". What is the meaning of the word incunabulum? Words that rhyme with.

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