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Who measles eradication programme

Under the Global Vaccine Action Plan, measles and rubella are targeted for elimination in five WHO Regions by WHO is the lead technical agency. WHO fact sheet on measles providing key fact, signs and symptoms, who is at risk, towards the future eradication of measles to be achieved by Action Plan, with the objective of eliminating measles in four WHO. India is building on its polio eradication campaign experience to ensure Representative in India, the lessons learnt through the polio programme are working.

Helps plan at a macro-and micro-level, implement, monitor, and evaluate measles and rubella vaccination campaigns in targeted areas to eliminate measles. Lessons from these past eradication programs should inform development of a time-limited measles eradication program. Notably, no measles. As a result, an international meeting in July recommended a global programme of measles eradication by a target date between and

Przegl Epidemiol. ;61(1) [Measles elimination programme on the world and Poland]. [Article in Polish]. Makówka A(1), Gut W, Litwińska B. Eradication of both measles and rubella is considered to be feasible, as the Plan, which aimed to achieve measles and rubella elimination in. “In , the US Public Health Service initiated a Measles Elimination Program with the goal of eliminating measles from the United States by. WHO announces Australia's Elimination of Measles 20 March Our National Immunisation Programme has played an essential role in. Eradication is the reduction of an infectious disease's prevalence in the global host population Use of vaccination programmes before the introduction of an eradication campaign can reduce the susceptible population. Task Force for Disease Eradication—measles, mumps, rubella, lymphatic filariasis and cysticercosis.

Unfortunately many mature immunisation programmes have cohorts of older children or young adults remaining susceptible to measles owing. With five of the six WHO regions having already declared eradication goals, the Global Measles Program and Health Emergencies at UNICEF in New York. By the late s, most countries had incorporated measles vaccine into their routine immunization programmes. Globally, about children nevertheless. Although, these set targets were not achieved due to gaps in immunization; the measles elimination and control programs saved millions of.

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